Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life on the River

In my last blogI talked about bold color! While a lot of color can be exciting and invigorating—sometimes a more subtle color palette suits the atmosphere and the individuals better. So take a ride with me on the Delaware River with soft greens and blues. Neutral shades and bold artwork. I have the opportunity to work with some unbelievably nice people. This couple had differing views on their styles and wanted us to help them blend the two. Her style was more traditional while his style was more contemporary. We set out to include Transitional Furniture with clean lines and more neutral colors. We didn’t want anything to compete with the fabulous view! More traditional area rugs softened the look and added some pattern. One of the issues in this tight space was the door to the HVAC unit. In the before picture it was made even more obvious by the striped wallpaper. By painting the same color over the door and the trim and continuing the artwork over the door—this area is still accessible when needed—yet-- it all but disappeared!

Soft waves of fabric simply highlighted the view and provided a sound buffer. The floor was continuous hardwood that gave the appearance of a larger space. Changing the definition of some areas also helped with the flow. The former eating area became a cozy little TV watching place for just the two of them.

The bedroom also had a great view. Here we needed to add some privacy and some relief from the sun that would wake them every morning. So, drapery on an automatic traverse rod with a blackout lining gave them the flexibility that they needed. Each home has its unique challenges and personality. Learn to trust your instincts and make the most of your home.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As we enter in to a New Year and a new decade, I wish the very best for all of you and thank you for enriching my life in so many ways. You inspire me and motivate me—encourage and help me. I am grateful for the opportunity to stay in touch with each of you. May this New Year be filled with peace, joy and laughter, success and happiness. It may not be for everyone. And it takes a rather bold soul to venture out with as much color as we added to this lovely home. However, these rooms—and this client always make me smile. Obviously, our lovely client adores bold and exciting color. We drew our inspiration from a napkin that she had purchased in Paris. As dramatic as it was to have RED walls in her family room, we couldn’t resist extending that color on to her ceiling to draw your eye to the volume space. BLUE made the kitchen and keeping room bright and showcased the white cabinets and the white trim around the fireplace. The room was then pulled together with yellow fabrics on the upholstery and on the windows. Blue accents finished the look.

A hand painted armoire in custom colors added a funky and yet functional element. The one of a kind and varied jeweled knobs on this armoire were added to the cabinets in the kitchen. In her living room, our client had inherited some beautiful furniture from her grandmother that just needed some new fabric. Her contemporary artwork (also from Paris) updated this more traditional room. The end result was classic and yet new. I can’t tell you how much fun we had with this project and with this adventuresome client. Have some fun with your home!