Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not Your Typical Living Room

A living room is a place that often greets visitors and sets the tone for your entire home. We feel strongly that it should be a room that draws friends and family in-- and invites conversation. When this unique couple moved to their dream home, they realized that the wonderful furniture they brought along from their previous home didn't feel quite as warm and inviting in their new abode. Since they have always had a very adventurous spirit and were willing to have us make some suggestions, the room took on a personality all its own. Starting with rich plum color on the walls, the room already felt warmer. The gold ceiling added even more interest, drama and charm. And how about this wonderful chandelier? I can't think of a better way to invite people in.

Fabric on the windows in a fabulous plum and gold pattern made this room feel even more inviting. We found some comfortable new chairs and added a subtle pattern. Pillows in this pattern along with a couple of other new patterns on the sofa gave this room a look that this great couple could truly embrace. Finally, traditional elements like the area rug and the antique chest made this room like no other. It is now impossible to pass by this room without taking a closer look or to sit and have a pleasant conversation. It is definitely not your average living room!

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