Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Feels Like Home

Home is a very special place for us. We spend a lot of time there and it should reflect our personality as well as our comfort. When we entered this beautiful older home, we were greeted by a warm and charming woman. The home itself had a lot of interesting detail—just not the warmth or the character of the people living there. This special client was having a very important party soon to honor her daughter’s book being published and her doctorate degree. We just knew that this important occasion had to be hosted by a room that reflected this family.

The challenge was to provide a space that felt good. We knew that this room was used on a daily basis—and that it was a room for TV watching. Everyone’s needs were taken into consideration and we set to work to make it impressive for guests while comfortable for everyday use. Working with this family was always a pleasure. We coordinated our efforts with craftsmen who helped us accomplish some of the repairs. We reframed some of the beautiful artwork. We added new furniture and accessories.

When we added the finishing touches, the daughter said: “We have lived here a long time, and thanks to you, it finally feels like home.” Now that is what makes our job worthwhile!

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