Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vincent's Room

Starting High School is an important step in any young person’s life. New challenges, more work and preparing for the future can seem overwhelming. We have worked with this family on just about every room in their house and Vincent always had some great input. Now it was his turn to let us know what he really wanted for his space. It was time to say goodbye to some of the furniture that Vincent had grown up with. The bed had to stay and we thought that it was a perfect starting point. Vincent needed more room to study and read. He needed room to display his special memories of his grandfather. And he needed to have a look that suited the spectacular young man that he had become.
By reorganizing his closet and adding storage to his night stand, we helped to make this room more spacious and just plain cool. We incorporated the TV in to the wall arrangement so that it would not look so out of place. The windows were softened by adding a simple cornice. I can’t think of a better way to start the high school journey than to have a place that is totally yours! We just know that you will succeed Vincent and we wish you all of the best! Thanks for being such fun to work with. Vincent's Testimonial - "Before my room was just a place to sleep, but now it's so useful and comfortable. Diane and Lindsay were able to capture my sense of style and transfer it perfectly into my room. Everything looks great!"

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