Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elegant, Warm, Traditional

As winter approaches, we turn our thoughts to cozy spaces that make us feel warm—inside and out. In the Delaware Valley, this time can mean snow and cold weather. What better way to treat ourselves than to enjoy this time from a place that is warm and comforting. As you probably know by now, our clients are very special people. We delight in their unique personalities and their special dreams. When we first approached this project, our client had already planned a beautiful, multi functional addition. Her concern however was “pulling it all together”. In this spacious area, there was an opportunity for two seating areas—one by the fireplace and one for TV watching. The large screen TV was visible from both areas, making this entire room a perfect space for a cozy couples night or for major entertaining. By adding a sectional in front of the TV and a sofa by the fireplace we defined these two areas. Two swivel chairs provided the opportunity to enjoy the fire or swing around and watch TV.

While working with this wonderful couple, we took in to account all of their wishes with comfort being the main concern. The upholstered seating was chosen with attention to style and durability. We considered everything from how the couple liked to sit on things to the big difference in their heights. The finishing touches were fun and very specific. We searched for just the right accessories and artwork. We found a way to include all of their collected pieces and photos to help personalize the space. When talking to this lovely woman today, she mentioned that “since you never know what to expect when you work with someone new, I started out being a little cautious in telling you what I liked and disliked. This was quickly dispelled by how easy you and Lindsay made it for me to tell you what I wanted. You always found the perfect things”. As I talked to her, she mentioned that they were sitting in the swivel chairs enjoying a cup of coffee. I am so delighted that we could be a part of this wonderful new room.

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